Miracle Tab

I started using Tab EX i guessed about 2 years ago when I had my eczema as I needed supplement to look after my skin on daily basis. Then due to the sudden eczema I had on my face, I found out that my skin became hyper-sensitive to the skin care in the market. Most of the facial cleanser and soap that I used causes my facial skin to be reddish and itchy. So I tried Tab soap as it contains natural ingredients and to my surprise after 2 years, I am still using the soap and the whole skin range. It works marvelously on my skin. No ithchiness, redishness or peeling.

My ultimate main concern with most whitening skin product is the peeling effect. However with the combination of the supplement and the skin care, my skin just radiant and people do acknowledge it. Sometimes, I purchase the products on behalf of my family members and friends. Realizing the demand, I triggers my interest to become one of the agent.

Again another surprise as I am receiving demand from Brunei, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Thank you for supporting.



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